Christopher Morris   Level Design

Deathmatch: Vacant

Unreal Tournament

Mapcore Unreal Tournament Level Design Contest - 4th place

Created for the Epic Games & Mapcore's Unreal Tournament Level Design Contest. The contest ran over a 3 month period starting in April 2016 with the first month focusing on layout, and the second and third being focused on art and polishing.

Vacant is a 3v3 Showdown and Deathmatch level which focuses on movement and aims to explore chase mechanics in the arena shooter genre.

Consisting of a mixture of stock meshes and custom materials, Vacant has a strong visual style which marries detail and theme with readability.

Vacant achieved 4th place and is currently undergoing adjustments as suggested by the Unreal Tournament team in preparation for it being added to the Unreal Tournament Marketplace.

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