Christopher Morris   DM Salt

Deathmatch: Salt

Created for Unreal Tournament, Salt is a medium sized 2v2 and Free For All Deathmatch level designed in January 2015. It was added to the Unreal Tournament Marketplace in November 2016 following the implementation of improvements informed by extensive public testing and feedback provided by the Unreal Tournament team at Epic Games.

The level is split into two main areas. The first is a small courtyard with surrounding buildings providing access from all sides. The main foci of this area are the open "waterfall" end of the courtyard, and the large bridge which runs across the courtyard. Both these foci provide good vantage points and a height advantage against players in the courtyard. The open nature of the upper floors allows for players to jump and dodge across, accessing pickups including the heavy armor found at the top of the waterfall.

Around this courtyard are a network of interlocking rooms allowing players to move freely around the space in search of pickups and opponents. These spaces are relatively tight, juxtaposed to the more open courtyard. Care has been taken to provide a good variety of movement including lift jumps and dodge jumps along with meaningful height variation.

The second is a large open area which centres around a tower, separated from the main building by an open strip. The tower itself contains heavy armor and provides the main tactical draw for 2v2 play. Players must hold the high ground from attacks from the left, the right, and from behind.

Originally the courtyard area contained a large pit; this was removed following testing as it was found to be too punishing.

The level is detailed using stock assets produced for offical Unreal Tournament levels, with a limited number of custom meshes and textures. Custom materials were used to help give the environment a more unique feeling without straying too far from the visual style of offical levels.

Care was taken to give areas distinct visual markers within the greater theme. This helps the player make sense of the enviroment and navigate quickly. Clutter was kept to the corners and edges of the play spaces to reduce visual noise. A full collision pass was done to ensure that players could not get caught on the environment during movement.

The music for the level was composed and produced by John Maximilian Repka.