Christopher Morris   Deathmatch Runic

Deathmatch: Runic

Runic is a Deathmatch level for Unreal Tournament. It is a work in progress with the current playable version available from the DM Runic discussion thread on the Unreal Tournament forums. This thread also contains updates, details, and feedback.

Designed as an exploration of height variance and mobility Runic focuses on tiered play spaces with overlapping layers and a variance of enclosed and open spaces. These create an important risk vs reward dynamic with key pickups placed in highly visible and open locations. Care has been taken however to limit long sightlines around these areas to provide suitable cover for players caught in the open.

The use of water throughout the map helps highlight enemy movement making the environment more readable, especially for those in enclosed spaces. This allows players to make informed decisions about their movement, something critical to high level play.