Christopher Morris   DM Protracted

Duel: Protracted

Protracted is a Duel level for Unreal Tournament. It is a work in progress with the current playable version available from the DM Protracted discussion thread on the Unreal Tournament forums. This thread also contains updates, details and feedback.

Designed from the ground up for competitive play, Protracted focuses on movement and pickups to support players predicting the movement of their opponents. The mixture of close and open spaces, along with long and limited sightlines encourages players to consider weapon choice as they navigate the environment.

The level has a central axis along which several major pickups are placed, and a series of large antechambers that link the spaces together. With multiple access routes to a central point, players are able to easily navigate within the space, but they cannot do so without passing through or crossing highly visible areas.

Protracted is currently part of the map pool for competitive play organized via ESL in both Europe and North America.