Christopher Morris   Blitz Foundry

Blitz: Foundry

Foundry is a Blitz level for Unreal Tournament. It is a work in progress with the current playable version available from the Blitz Foundry discussion thread on the Unreal Tournament forums. This thread also contains updates, details and feedback.

Foundry is an experimental Blitz level created to assist Epic Games in exploring this new Game Type. It was revised as the Game Type developed undergoing an entire rebuild following feedback.

The attackers must first push through a large open area, using the available cover to hide their progress. From here they have three available routes, each with benefits down downsides.

Once past this defensive line the attackers must assault the main building. The connecting paths between each attack route, initially designed to allow the defenders to respond to a shifting attack, now allow the attackers to rotate, responding to the defenders tatics.