Christopher Morris   DM Dock

Capture The Flag: Dock

Created for Unreal Tournament, Dock is a medium sized asymmetrical Capture the Flag level. It is currently a work in progress, with the current playable version available from the CTF Dock discussion thread on the Unreal Tournament forums. This thread also contains updates, details and feedback.

Dock was created to explore and test the side switching mechanic, designed to make asymmetrical Capture the Flag levels more balanced. This allows designers to create more thematic levels while staying within the Capture the Flag gametype. With the inclusion of blueprint sequences, Capture the Flag can induce an attack / defend dynamic. Dock takes place between a cargo ship and a port building with a connecting dock area, above which sits a large crane.

The main concept for Dock was to design one base with multiple routes in, but few out; while the other base had well protected routes in, but was fairly easy to escape. This lead to the ship being relatively small and tight with multiple levels but quick movement in and out, allowing attackers easy access to pick up the flag and disappear inside the ship. The defenders, however, are able to quickly reposition and gain a better position over the limited movement of the flag carrier when they emerge from the ship.

The port base is much more open, largely comprised of a single curved room with an antechamber. While it possesses multiple routes in, it demands that the attackers control the room in order to pick up the flag, at which point they are free to escape with relative impunity.

The midfield remains quite open, with long sight lines from both the ship and dock, allowing snipers to pick off opponents at range.