Christopher Morris   Cardboard Hat

Cosmetic Item: Cardboard Hat

Created for Unreal Tournament; the Cardboard Hat is a cosmetic item produced in January 2015. It is currently a work in progress. Further details and development can be seen in the Cardboard Box discussion thread on the Unreal Tournament forums.

Designed as a test item for the Unreal Tournament marketplace, the Cardboard Hat was selected to be included in the game in February 2015. The hat allows players to customize the appearance of their character, and features 4 alternative faces which show depending on the player state.

A 'Leader' variant of the hat is currently being developed which includes a cardboard crown. This only shows when the player wearing the hat is at the top of the match leaderboard.

The hat is constructed from high grade double ply cardboard, finished with a water and stain resistant coating; the original contents of the box are however unknown.