Christopher Morris   Level Design


Chivalry - Medieval Warfare

Fortification contest - Round One: 1st place

Round Two: 3rd place

The competition called for a Team Objective map including at least 3 objectives implementing all standard Chivalry gameplay functionality including map boundaries, spawn areas, objectives, ammo resupplies, HUD markers, and AI pathing.

Created over 4 months, in 2 stages. Stage 1 focused on gameplay development and testing; creating an engaging and interesting gameplay. Stage 2 focused on art development and asset creation. In total over 130 meshes were created to fully bring Cove to life.

Cove attained 3rd place in the final round and was thus officially patched into Chivalry - Medieval Warfare.

For more infomation, including work in progress images, please see the details link.

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