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A prize winning designer with over 10 years of personal experience in 2D & 3D design with a focus on 3D Environments and Level Design. I have a wide range of supporting skills including recording and editing videos, providing critique, engaging with the community, administration, and time management skills.

  • Cove

Both games and design have always interested me; whether it be constructing skyscrapers in a game engine, or building spaceships from Lego. Developing ideas from concepts to prototypes and finally through to a full design is a tough, but extremely rewarding process; especially when crafting meaningful and constant experiences such as in games and architecture.

However design is at its best when working with a team, the free flow of ideas and critique is key to developing interesting and engaging experiences for the player. I find working in a team useful and rewarding, especially when that team has a broad range of skills.

  • Hind House

In the past I have delivered two lectures for the Cambridge Game Creators group, giving an introduction to level design and asset creation. This, in addition to my work with, has highlighted to me how fulfilling professional development is. This includes both focusing on my own work, and helping others to improve theirs.

In my spare time I enjoy playing games of almost all kinds. I particularly enjoy games that give the player room to chose their own gameplay either directly, or through an active meta game. This is particularly relevant with sandbox games such as Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program; as well as MMO and MOBA titles such as Eve Online and League of Legends.

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