Christopher Morris   About


I am a skilled level designer with over 10 years of experience and a very good working knowledge of Unreal Engine 4. I have won prizes in several Epic Games-sponsored level design contests using both Unreal Engine 3 and 4, and have received an Unreal Engine Dev Grant from Epic Games in recognition of my work as a community developer for the Unreal Tournament 4 project.

My degree in Architecture gives me a very strong grounding in design. I am comfortable taking a project from initial sketches, through drafting, to testing, iteration, and final polish. I focus particularly on evaluating and iterating my designs throughout the process, seeking feedback and re-examining the initial constraints and objectives of the design to achieve the best possible outcome.

To supplement my design skills, I have recently focused on developing my scripting skills via Unreal Blueprint, and my 3D modeling skills using 3DS Max and Maya. I have found these extra skills very useful when communicating and working with fellow developers, as my understanding of their role has greatly improved. I have also found my ability to produce high quality 3D assets and Blueprint scripts very useful, as it allows other team members to maintain focus on their other tasks.

My time at 3dbuzz highlighted to me the importance of clear communication with both colleagues and the wider community, especially through the responsibilities I held in community management. I continue to use and develop these skills through my current role as a moderator for the Unreal Tournament forum and Discord and in the past the official Fortnite Discord server, currently one of the largest servers on the Discord network.

In my spare time, I enjoy crafts, particularly creating props and clothing, and playing computer and board games with friends. I also enjoy getting involved in local groups and helping to organize events. I am currently an active member of the "Pride in Ely & Cambridgeshire" charity and assist in running events for the local LGBT+ community.